Malibu Condo


A family of four needs to maximize space and bring style to a small condo in Malibu.


kid zone

The kids’ bedroom is gender neutral and graphic. The scheme was first created when it was a nursery and then was adapted as the children got older, which proved to be an easy transition. Inspired by the Lulu DK fabric on the curtains, the striped wall treatment helps to bring color and interest to such a large expanse of wall. The rest of the furnishings and fabrics were kept relatively neutral to create a sense of calm, which is unusual in a kid’s room. The storage beds provide desperately needed space for linens and the small scale end tables are large enough to house a collection of books. Artwork created from found sea shells gives dimension, as does a decorative clothes pin and rope hanger to show off the kids’ various art projects.

Bathroom functionality

The main bathroom on the second floor previously contained a shower/tub combo with a fiberglass insert and all white formica cabinets and counters with vinyl flooring. The tub was removed altogether, which was much too small to be comfortable, and replaced with a spa-style shower with a rain shower head and hand held attachment. The sink area is outfitted with a square vessel style sink, similar to the one in the powder room, but is placed off to the side creating an asymmetrical layout. This results in a more interesting layout, and also a more functional one since there is now enough counter space for two people to get ready at the same time, which is crucial when you are dealing with one bathroom and four people.